What tyres should I equip my EV with in winter?
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What tyres should I equip my EV with in winter?


In winter, driving conditions are often challenging, and they can change in the blink of an eye. Whether you drive an electric or a non-electric car, choosing the right tyres is important to ensure your and your passengers’ safety.

Tyres for tackling winter’s unpredictable weather conditions

In winter, the roads are often wet, frozen or snowy, so it’s vital to adjust your driving style accordingly. Your tyres are the only elements of the car that are in direct contact with the road, so they need to be designed to cope with all winter conditions. Whether you own an electric or a petrol vehicle, or driving on urban or rural roads, the MICHELIN CrossClimate range of all-season tyres provide year-round mobility in all weather conditions.

Tyres tailored to the requirements of electric cars

Known for their brisk acceleration and quiet operation, electric cars offer an entirely new driving experience. But because their hefty batteries make the vehicles heavier, their tyres can wear out more rapidly than the same tyres on a non-electric vehicle. MICHELIN all-season tyres meet the requirements and the specifications of electric vehicles, as they are designed to prevent premature wear and extend the car’s range. Incorporating technologies aimed at reducing noise levels inside the car, MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres allow you to enjoy the silence provided by electric cars. The benefits are thus three-fold: a longer-lasting tyre; a longer range per charge and an unparalleled driving experience... all while driving safely in all conditions. All these qualities make MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres the ideal partners for your electric vehicle, ensuring safety and peace of mind all year round.

Tyres for all cars, all year round

Whether you drive a family SUV, a compact city car or even a hot hatch or premium sports vehicle, the MICHELIN CrossClimate range has been developed to provide year-round mobility while retaining maximum performance throughout the tyre’s life. The MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 for example is a perfect choice for electric cars and designed to meet their special challenges. The tyre offers an excellent mileage, thanks to its compounds and MICHELIN Evertread Technologies which prolong tyre life and reduce rolling resistance. The lower the tyre’s rolling resistance, the further the vehicle can travel between charges. As a 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) certified tyre, the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 perfectly copes with drops in temperature and occasional snowfall.

MICHELIN CrossClimate tyres can be fitted to electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel cars to provide safe driving anywhere, in any weather1. With plenty of SUV options in the range, too, UK drivers can enjoy the benefits of increased range per electric charge or tank of fuel; safe driving in any weather including snow; and long-lasting tyres with excellent traction from the day the tyres are fitted, to the day they reach the legal limit of 1.6 mm2.


[1] AUTO BILD test rated 'test winner' for the MICHELIN CrossClimate+ out of 6 all-season tyres compared. Tested in size 185/65 R 15 92 V in new condition, with four mm and with two mm remaining tread, tyre label C/B/68 dB. Publication in AUTO BILD issue 47/2017.

[2] The remaining tread depth of 1.6 mm is suitable in most countries for tyres. This can, however, vary depending on the region, country, season and type of tyre.

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