Michelin UK produces masks for employees and community


Michelin staff have produced thousands of protective face masks to help keep colleagues, customers and the community safe in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tyre manufacturer set up a temporary manufacturing centre at the Michelin Athletic Club, close to its factory and office in Stoke-on-Trent.

Volunteers and furloughed staff produced the masks to protect factory, sales and logistics employees – as well as tyre technicians, who have been keeping vital services such as ambulance and truck fleets on the road throughout the crisis.

The move has allowed Michelin UK to donate more than 13,000 face masks to the wider community, including some Stoke-on-Trent care homes and charities.

A team of seven were given extensive training to carry out the work, including Victoria Shirley.

Victoria, who works in logistics at Michelin, said: “I volunteered for the role because I had started making masks myself, for family and friends, as well as a donation of 500 to a local care home.

“I thought some of these skills might be useful and came in a week beforehand to help start setting up production.

“We are working in a really good atmosphere and keeping morale up.”

Fellow team member, David Clarson, also works in logistics at Michelin. He said: “It feels good to be doing something to help make people safe.”

The mask production facility operates to stringent safety operating protocols, overseen by Michelin Stoke factory manager, Francois Levert.

Francois said: “The factory is back in production and it is important we are self-sufficient in face masks. Safety is our number one priority and people from different parts of Michelin UK have worked together on this project – it has been a great team effort from everyone.”