Michelin technical tyre tips keep Film & TV Services on the air pressure

Michelin’s technical expertise is helping keep outside broadcast power supplier Film & TV Services on schedule, after the latest vehicles to join the company’s fleet underwent a comprehensive weighing exercise.

Michelin Technical Manager Jeremy Wheeler scheduled a visit to Film & TV Services’ London headquarters to take detailed measurements from two new broadcast twin set generators built on to Mercedes-Benz Actros rigid trucks, checking each axle’s weight – with and without fuel – before considering average distance travelled, working conditions and the company’s specialised requirements to produce bespoke advice on how to get the most out of every casing.

The truck duo joining the 32-strong Film & TV Services fleet are only the latest in a long line of Michelin-optimised vans and trucks, however, with the tyre manufacturer having first won Film & TV Services’ trust back in the mid-2000s.

Film & TV Services Technical Director Chris Pratt is adamant that Michelin’s years of technical advice has been invaluable to the company, as a tyre failure on the way to power a live broadcast could leave Britain’s footy fans calling foul.

Chris says: “We used to use a competing premium tyre brand, but went through a period of having a lot of blowouts, and it was affecting business. Then Michelin’s technical team came in and weighed 18 vehicles, providing tailored tyre pressures for every axle on each truck and van, while considering the specific needs of the business.

“We saw the benefits straight away, so we decided to switch to Michelin tyres – we got improved uptime, better fuel economy, less trouble with irregular wear and excellent value for money. We even changed our original equipment policy with Mercedes-Benz, so whenever we order a new vehicle it must come with Michelin X MultiWay 3D XZE tyres on the steer and tag axle, and Michelin X MultiWay 3D XDE on the drive – it’s simply got to have the Michelin Man on the sidewall.”

He adds: “If you fit Michelin tyres you won’t have any problems with them. Plus, whenever we get a new vehicle that needs weighing I get in touch with Jeremy and he says: ‘Right, no problem, I’ll be there’. We’ve got a great working relationship with Michelin. If we have any issue they drop everything and get straight on it. It’s cracking service, well above and beyond the call of duty.”

Film & TV Services’ Michelin tyres are largely fitted by ATS Euromaster’s Park Royal centre in London, which ensures the specialist heavy generator-mounted vehicles are always getting the best out of each tyre in terms of lifespan, low rolling resistance, fuel economy, safety, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Chris adds: “Centre Operations Manager Brian Colton at ATS Euromaster Park Royal is my tyre expert. What he and his team don’t know about tyres isn’t worth knowing. The service they provide is spot on.”

Michelin studies have shown that incorrect tyre pressures can have a significant impact on both fuel economy and tyre life. A 10 per cent reduction in a tyre’s suggested inflation pressure means around a 13 per cent loss of tyre life, and an approximately 1.5 per cent reduction in fuel efficiency for that tyre.

Film & TV Services works with big names in the entertainment and sports broadcast industry, including Sky, ITV, the BBC, Channel Five, Endemol and ESPN. The company provides on-site power and lighting for the transmission of live golf, football, rugby and cricket, plus a host of other televised events. The firm is currently powering ITV Sports’ Rugby World Cup coverage.

The company also provides technical facilities for Channel Five’s hit reality TV show Big Brother, and recently dispatched three articulated trucks to Majorca in support of ITV resort romance Love Island.

As well as its London base, the company also operates a small depot in Manchester with two broadcast generator trucks, while one truck is always on standby in Leeds.

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