Michelin launches expanded X Works rugged tyre range for construction sector

Michelin has extended its range of robust X Works tyres for the construction sector, adding five new tyres to the line-up of rugged fitments.

Available with immediate effect, the X Works range now boasts 315/80 R 22.5 X Works Z (multi-position) tyres, X Works D (drive axle) tyres, plus 385/65 R 22.5 X Works T (trailer axle) tyres. Michelin has renewed its tyre offer for a complete rig – steer, drive and trailer – in the market’s key sizes.

Designed for operators who do most of their mileage on roads, but that need traction / robustness on rough tracks and construction sites for deliveries, the new 315/80 R 22.5 X Works Z provides up to 25 per cent more mileage than its predecessor, while the 315/80 R 22.5 X Works D offers an increase of up to 15 per cent, and 385/65 R 22.5 X Works T up to 10 per cent more.

Key to their exceptional performance is the use of the most advanced Michelin technology, including Powercoil, a new generation of robust steel casing cables which help to make each tyre lighter yet more robust, leading to better endurance and reduced rolling resistance. The drive tyre also features specially designed Z-sipes that increase the traction on road in winter conditions, especially in snow. This technology allows the X Works D to attain 3PMSF certification.

X Works HDIn May, the range expands further with the addition of X Works HD Z and HD D (Heavy Duty) tyres also in 315/80 R 22.5 – these tyres are designed for operators whose fleets spend more than 20 per cent of their time in rough conditions and on construction site tracks.

The X Works HD tyres – and their Remix counterparts – stand out for protecting customers from the financial risk of accidental tyre damage. In the event of a registered X Works HD tyre suffering accidental damage before it is 50 per cent worn, Michelin will refund the operator, with the level of refund being determined by the tyre’s remaining tread depth.

Chris Smith, Head of Truck Marketing at Michelin, says: "The Michelin X Works HD tyres offer lasting durability; the guarantee is designed to provide fleets with a risk-free way of putting that to the test. It’s testament to our confidence in the product to withstand this type of punishment and deliver superior performance over a long life.”

The guarantee covers tyres fitted as replacements and also original equipment, providing the tyres are registered on the Michelin MyAccount web portal.

All Michelin X Works and X Works HD tyres are designed to be regrooved, extending their tyre life by up to 25 per cent, and making full use of the additional layers of rubber built into all new Michelin truck tyres. Once a regrooved tyre is worn to a set minimum tread depth, it can be retreaded by Michelin into a ‘Remix’ tyre – tyres which perform almost identically to a new Michelin fitment, reducing environmental impact through reduced raw material consumption.

For further information on the Michelin commercial vehicle tyre range, including terms and conditions for the accidental tyre damage guarantee, visit:


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