Michelin and ROPA receive innovation award at Agritechnica for R-Soil Protect project

Michelin and agricultural machine manufacturer ROPA have been awarded the silver medal for innovation for their R-Soil Protect project by the organisers of Agritechnica.

The collaboration between Michelin and ROPA is a hydraulic three-axle chassis for harvesters which spreads the weight of the load and avoids pressure imbalances between the machine’s axles. Michelin’s new CerexBib IF 1000/55 R32 Cyclic Field Operation (CFO) tyres fitted to the chassis and featuring Ultraflex Technology are designed to work in the field at very low pressures.

This innovative technology reduces ground pressure and distributes the load more evenly, helping to ensure the sustainability of crop production and soil protection. A beet harvester using the R-Soil Protect technology can operate in the field at tyre pressures of 1.4 bar, representing a 1 bar reduction compared to an equivalent machine fitted with conventional technology tyres.

Six hydraulic cylinders and sensors automatically level the load, helping the chassis remain horizontal on gradients of up to 10 per cent. Stability and a uniform tension reduce the risk of rut formation. Pressure imbalances are reduced by up to 8 per cent on the front axle of the machine, 37 per cent on the second axle and 43 per cent on the third axle.

With 49 per cent greater contact with the ground than conventional technology tyres, the harvester’s weight is spread over a larger area, helping to maintain the health of the soil. Compared to the previous generation tyre, the CerexBib can carry a load up to 23 per cent larger at pressures 1 bar lower than previously possible.

This major technological feat allows new generations of three-axle beet harvesters weighing more than 60 tonnes when fully loaded; ensuring mobility whilst preserving the soil and sustainability of operations.

The CerexBib IF 1000/55 R32 CFO tyre is the biggest harvester tyre Michelin has produced using Ultraflex Technology to-date. It is being premiered at Agritechnica 2015, taking place in Hanover, Germany, from 10-14 November 2015.

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