Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tyres to give an extra 20,000 miles for Stapleton’s Tyre Services

Stapleton’s Tyre Services has praised Michelin’s new Agilis CrossClimate fitments after a successful trial period demonstrated the firm could be clocking up an extra 20,000 miles per set compared to its previous policy.

The UK national company has been using the latest Michelin tyres since March across 25 Renault Master vans. The summer tyres – with full winter capability – have already demonstrated vast improvements in mileage run-out potential and grip performance.

Campbell Strickland, Head of Supply Chain at Stapleton’s Tyre Services, says: “We previously fitted winter tyres across our fleet all year round, and were seeing a 25,000 mile return. Initial tread depth readings from the new tyres project we should reach 45,000 miles on the new fitments.

“This is the sort of mileage you would expect to see on long-distance motorway journeys, not from the type of stop-start deliveries we make. It has really opened our eyes to the possible savings.”

Strickland expects to roll out the policy across the remainder of the firm’s 400-strong tyre distribution fleet as tyres become due for natural replacement.

The Agilis CrossClimate’s all-year mobility has been achieved by a rugged tread pattern, manufactured with innovative new rubber compounds to promote flexibility in cold temperatures and sidewall and shoulder protection features for improved robustness in service.

Inspired by the Michelin CrossClimate+ car tyre, the V-shaped tread blocks’ bi-directional self-locking sipes provide cutting edges suitable for winter conditions, whilst maintaining the long-lasting performance of Michelin’s summer tyre range on dry and wet roads.

Crucially, the new tyres offer the perfect solution for any light commercial fleets which have until now operated a winter tyre policy year-round. Such businesses had accepted the trade off in longevity and fuel efficiency in the summer months, for guaranteed mobility year-round without the downtime and cost of switching between summer and winter fitments.

Strickland adds: “There’s no compromise with these new tyres at all. We have already noticed an improvement in grip during the summer heat wave, and have full confidence this will be maintained over the winter. With this performance and the savings in tyre costs and vehicle downtime, the Agilis CrossClimates tick all the boxes.”

Established in 1937, Stapleton’s operates from 11 locations in the UK as one of the largest distributors of passenger car, 4x4 and van tyres.


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