Gerry Jones Transport amongst first to fit new Michelin X Multi D tyres

Gwent-based haulier Gerry Jones Transport, which has operated a Michelin policy for more than 15 years, has become one of the first fleets in the UK to fit Michelin’s newest X Multi D series tyres.

The new generation of 315/70 R 22.5 drive tyres were unveiled at the CV Show and deliver up to a 20 per cent increase in mileage potential compared with the previous X MultiWay 3D range. They are designed to blend the lowest cost per kilometre with outstanding grip in all weather conditions.

A product of Michelin’s significant €700m annual investment in research and development, they bring new innovations which deliver on value and performance for fleets, including Powercoil, a new generation of robust steel casing cables which help to make each tyre lighter yet more robust, leading to better endurance and reduced rolling resistance, plus Regenion tread technology that progressively reveals hidden grooves in order to maintain grip throughout the life of the tyre. ‘Tower Pump’ sipes in the tread blocks provide greater traction on slippery road surfaces by breaking the surface of the film of water that it passes through.

Nathan Jones, Gerry Jones Transport’s Workshop Manager, says: “We test sets of competitor tyres from time to time but when it comes to mileage performance, there is no other manufacturer out there in the market which gets anywhere close to the life we get from our Michelin tyres. The previous generation drive tyres were in a class of their own, and we’re confident the new X Multi D rubber will raise the bar even higher.

“We proactively specify Michelin on all new vehicles and as replacements across the fleet, and our team actively regrooves each tyre to make sure we get the best life out of them.”

The fleet includes approximately 20 rigids, 50 tractor units and 110 trailers, with the customer frequently achieving 270,000 to 300,000 km from a set of Michelin drive axle tyres before needing to be replaced.

The first set of new X Multi D tyres have been fitted to a Daf tractor unit which is expected to clock-up more than 120,000 km a year. It will operate with a range of trailer types on national work, and with a dedicated driver – in line with the customer’s one driver, one truck policy.

All new replacement tyres are supplied and fitted by the local ATS Euromaster centre – with Gerry Jones Transport’s own technicians undertaking all routine tyre maintenance.

All four new drive tyres have been registered for Michelin’s unique accidental damage guarantee, which offers the ultimate protection against the financial costs of accidental damage, and reinforces the benefits of investing in premium Michelin tyres.

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