Christmas comes early for young drivers in Stoke-On-Trent thanks to Michelin


Leading tyre manufacturer Michelin is giving young drivers in Stoke-on-Trent the chance to win a free car for a year and take to the roads safely.

The Michelin Young Driver Programme, which is aimed at employees’ children and young employees aged between 16 and 24, offers a range of educational driving and road safety benefits including Drive iQ PRO, an online road safety education programme, as well as the chance to win a car for 12 months.

The programme has been run nationally across Michelin’s offices and factory sites in Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Raceview Road, Ballymena and Baldovie Road, Dundee.

Christmas will come early for one lucky motorist when the winner of the car, which has been donated for free by vehicle leasing company Arval, Michelin’s fleet partner, will be revealed at Michelin’s head office in Campbell Road. The motorist will receive their car in the New Year.

Corinne Li, road safety project manager at Michelin, said: “Young drivers are the most at-risk age group on the roads and we feel it’s important that we help to educate them on the importance of road safety and how it can help them protect themselves, and others, while they are out and about.

“This is just one of the reasons we’re offering them a comprehensive road safety programme designed to equip them with the tools and the knowledge to take to the roads in a safe manner.”

As part of the programme employees’ children can also choose to have Michelin’s hard-hitting puppet show, Routes – The Teenage Highway Code, delivered at their school or college. It tells the real stories of young people whose lives have been shattered by reckless driving and it highlights the dangers of peer pressure, drink driving, speeding and distraction.

Nicholas Rowley, CEO of Drive iQ, comments: “Drive iQ has partnered with Michelin to create the Young Drivers Programme, a project which will encourage young motorists to look at the broader issues around road safety. The initiative will not only help them to be safer on the roads while they’re learning to drive, but will also provide them with the insight to be safer and more careful on the roads once they’ve passed their driving test.

“We’re extremely proud to be working alongside Michelin, given it has such an established reputation for road safety commitment and we believe that this programme will really make a difference in this area.”

As part of its road safety initiative Michelin has also released a series of thought-provoking videos which feature some of the harrowing real-life experiences of young people who have been affected by dangerous driving.

The hard-hitting videos can be seen on the Michelin YouTube channel (