Robert Parker Green Emblem:The green award of wine production
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Robert Parker Green Emblem:The green award of wine production


Having already made a strong commitment to greener gastronomy with the introduction of the Green Star, Michelin is now showing that sustainability should also be honoured in wine production. 


With two new search filter functions, Robert Parker Wine Advocate, which has been part of the Michelin Group for several years, shows that not all winegrowing is the same.
Visitors to the RobertParker.com website have recently been given the opportunity to not only select their wines on the basis of the well-founded and independent ratings, but to also filter them according to the criteria "organic1" and
These new search functions are complemented by the Robert Parker Green Emblem3 - an award given to selected wineries that are doing exceptional things in terms of sustainability and environmental engagement. 

Criteria for Awarding the Robert Parker Green Emblem

To qualify for this award, a winery can already be certified organic and/or biodynamic, but it does not have to be. The producer must be an advocate of sustainability who pays attention to long-term environmental protection and biodiversity.
Only in truly exceptional cases will the emblem be awarded.
Nominations are made each year by the Robert Parker Wine Advocate's reviewers in the region. Each of the nominations is then reviewed and discussed by the editorial team.
Once a winery has been awarded, the emblem may be displayed on all of the winery's wine bottles until a change is made.

Nicolas Achard, CEO of Robert Parker Wine Advocate, “We are aware of the increased consumer desire for responsible and environmentally committed viticulture, and for easier access to this information. In the Robert Parker Wine Advocate team, we share these concerns, which is why we decided to develop the Robert Parker Green Emblem to highlight the vineyards that combine richness of taste and sustainable viticulture. We wish to facilitate the meeting between these committed winemakers, who prove to us how respect for the environment can glorify the terroirs and the vines without compromising the taste and the quality of the wines.”


The Inaugural Robert Parker Green Emblem list

The Robert Parker Wine Advocate is made up of a global team of 10 experienced wine critics whose mission is to highlight the world's best wines, spotlighting great terroirs4 and their diversity, as well as exceptional craftsmen and timeless traditions. Led by Editor-in-Chief Lisa Perrotti-Brown, the team of experienced wine critics delved deeply into their assigned regions and carefully weighed whether these wineries should be included in the inaugural list. The inaugural Robert Parker Green Emblem in 2021 includes 24 wineries that have an impeccable reputation for sustainability. The list covers eight countries and five continents.

“Our new Organic and Biodynamic filters and the Robert Parker Green Emblem recognitions are our way of recognizing the increasing importance to wine consumers of sustainable practices in wine production. No other wine appreciation website is thus empowering wine lovers who want to drink more sustainably. With these new enhancements to our website, our subscribers now have the ability to easily find great wines produced with a like-minded philosophy of sustaining the health and viability of our planet for future generations,” says Perrotti-Brown.

The Inaugural list

Australia (2)    Cullen Wines, Henschke

Austria (1)                                

Weingut Ernst Triebaumer

France (8) Champagne Larmandier-Bernier, Gerard Bertrand, Domaine Leroy & Domaine d’Auvenay, Domaine Bruno Lorenzon, Château Pontet-Canet, Louis Roederer, Felix et Gabin Richoux, Domaine Valentin Zusslin
Germany (1) Weingut Odinstal
Italy (3) Alois Lageder, Salcheto, Tasca d’Almerita
New Zealand (1) Millton Vineyards & Winery
South Africa (2) Reyneke, Sadie Family Wines
Spain (1) Descendientes de J. Palacios
USA (5) The Eyrie Vineyards, Horsepower Vineyards, Littorai Wines, Ridge Vineyards, Spottswoode Estate

Definition of terms

¹Organic: In addition to a set of regulated cultivation principles, which may differ depending on the country of production, the producer must apply for certification by an external control institute in the country of production. Before this certification is issued, the vineyard must undergo a three-year conversion phase in compliance with all national guidelines.

²Biodynamic: Essentially, biodynamics builds on the methods of organic farming, such as the exclusion of artificial chemicals. Biodynamics thus refers, among other things, to the use of specially produced composts and herbal infusions as well as the inclusion of the phases of the celestial bodies.

³Robert Parker Green Emblem: Recognises a winery or producer that extends its efforts well beyond the requirements for organic and/or biodynamic certification and serves as a true ambassador for environmentally friendly practices

4Terroir: Describes the interplay of natural and cultural influences that give a wine its character.