Michelin UK donates facilities for Covid-19 vaccination programme
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Michelin UK donates facilities for Covid-19 vaccination programme


Michelin has donated facilities at its Stoke-on-Trent site for use as a Covid-19 vaccination centre.

The Michelin Athletic Club, located close to the tyre manufacturer’s factory and office in Campbell Road, has been handed over to the NHS to create a dedicated clinic, capable of supporting thousands of patients a month.

It has been converted to include two clinics, a doctor’s office and staff room. Three car parks adjacent to the building have also been provided by Michelin, to ensure patients can easily reach the venue.

The centre is one of six developed by Stoke-on-Trent South West Primary Healthcare Trust for use by local medical practices to deliver the vaccine in the community.

Karen Riley, organisational lead for the Primary Care Network Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for Stoke-on-Trent South West, said: “The club is an excellent venue for us to deliver the vaccination programme for the city.

“The support from the Michelin staff has been amazing and it is very generous of the company to donate this facility to the NHS.”

Brian Gidman and Harry Leese were the first patients vaccinated at the centre in 2021. Mr Gidman said: “This is a very good facility for the vaccinations. People are working hard to protect us.”

Mr Leese added: “It is brilliantly organised.

“People are on site to help you park and it’s all very well thought out.”

This is the second time Michelin Athletic Club has been used to support the Covid-19 effort.

In summer, Michelin set up a temporary manufacturing centre at the site, where it produced thousands of protective face masks to help keep colleagues, customers and the community safe in the pandemic.

The move enabled Michelin to donate more than 13,000 face masks within the local area.

Safety is our number one priority and people from different parts of Michelin UK have worked together in the pandemic to support our community.

“Seeing the vaccination centre being set up here is hugely rewarding.

“It has been deployed so quickly and professionally and we are delighted to be supporting it.

“Members of the club have also expressed how pleased they are to see the facility being used for such an important task in the community.

Lee Machin, general manager of the Michelin Athletic Club
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