Michelin Agilis CrossClimate switch is an Easi choice for tyre dealer after huge mileage savings
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Michelin Agilis CrossClimate switch is an Easi choice for tyre dealer after huge mileage savings


Easityre has moved its fleet of wholesale delivery vans onto a Michelin Agilis CrossClimate policy having found the tyres to last twice as long as rival premium brand fitments.

Operating from two locations in Fife and Tayside, the independent dealer distributes tyres to the motor trade throughout east and central Scotland.

The company traditionally ran its Renault vans on a mix of premium brand tyres. However, it switched to a full Michelin policy having been hugely impressed with the performance and longevity of the Agilis CrossClimate range.

We have a fleet of 26 vans that we use to make deliveries to our customers on a daily basis. Last year, we started running the Michelin Agilis CrossClimates and we were blown away with the results.

“Compared to other premium brands, we’ve found the Michelins to last a lot longer and the drivers noticed a big improvement in terms of performance on the road in all conditions.

“Our vans average around 40,000 miles per year. We were getting about 14,000 miles out of the other premium brands we used, but the CrossClimates are going to give us at least double that figure.

Scott Meechan, Managing Director at Easityre

The Agilis CrossClimate – with its rugged tread pattern – is built to boost safety in all weathers whilst delivering high mileage, impressive robustness, damage resistance and long-lasting performance.

Inspired by the Michelin CrossClimate+ car tyre, the V-shaped tread blocks’ bi-directional self-locking sipes provide cutting edges suitable for winter conditions, whilst maintaining the long-lasting performance of Michelin’s summer tyre range on dry and wet roads.

“The longevity of the Michelins has really stood out for us, as well as the outstanding grip they provide,” adds Meechan. “By switching all the vans over to Agilis CrossClimates, we’re hoping to save money as we’ll be fitting far fewer tyres. Plus, running the tyres for longer means using fewer raw materials, so it’s the right thing to do from a sustainability perspective.”

Easityre is an independent tyre retail company, selling and distributing a wide variety of car, van and 4x4 tyres including economy, mid-range and premium brands.

For further information on the Michelin tyre range visit https://business.michelin.co.uk

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